The reason why we are considered the Best Auto Body Cape Cod is because of our ability to listen. No seriously, listening to our consumers is something that we value as well as actively tried to incorporate in our plan. There been many important questions and solutions that we have heard from our various customers. Some examples of this would be our drop off times, we allow you to drop off your vehicle at any point in time the matter if we are open or if it is a Sunday in which we are closed. We understand that whenever it comes to our customers that not everyone will be able to contact us or drop off their vehicle within business hours. This means that in any point time you’re able to drop off your car or truck into our lot and then just drop the key in our lockbox outside the door. Instead of turning customers away you’d rather find an active and helpful solution to fix the problem.

It’s no wonder that people consider us the most high quality Auto Body Cape Cod because of our fast turnaround time. Now you may be wondering if our quick turnaround time impacts the quality of our work. However, we are able to provide the highest quality professional services in the area in the most timely manner. A great example of this is a detail would only take us 4 to 5 hours to complete. Not only is this a short amount time specially for a high quality detail, we even include services that no others may include. It is our goal at Angel’s Touch, is to go above and beyond what is expected and provide a service that astonishes our customers whenever they receive their car back. Some of our services we can do so fast that we even recommend sitting in our waiting room and enjoying yourself to some of our beverages and our TV.

It is the multitude of high-class services that set us apart and make us the best Auto Body Cape Cod. No matter what reason you have brought your vehicle with us on any occasion we are able to offer detailing for any car found in our shop. This also means that if your car is receiving collision or auto body repairs that we are able to provide you a free complementary detailing service. Many of our consumers are unaware the service until they get an auto body/collision repair done and they find to their surprise at their car is completely detailed from the interior and exterior. The small details like this that allow us to create such a healthy relationship with our customers as well as stay on top.

Whenever someone drops off their vehicle to an auto body shop they always wonder what’s taking so long as well as how far they along in the process. Lucky for you, we stay in touch about the process of your vehicle to not only make you aware of what’s going on, but also let you know when it might be completed. It’s annoying to drop off your car and sit there and wait wait and wait not knowing when it will be done, this is why Angel’s Touch we give you heads up before it’s done that way you can fit around your schedule. Please visit our website at or give us a phone call at 508-759-1111.

Auto Body Cape Cod | Expect Only the Best From Us

If you are in search of Auto Body Near Cape Cod and you decide to go with Angel’s Touch auto body and detail shop, do not just expect good service, but instead expect great service. Here Angel’s Touch we are proud that you can always trust us to do the highest-quality job to your vehicle. This is a place that treats your car as if it is our own car we spare no expense or cut no corners whenever it comes to providing great professional work that is sure to impress you. The reason why we are so dedicated to this is because we are a family-owned and local business is been servicing the New England area for over two decades. We believe that is more important to create a long-term relationship with a customer, rather than do a simple fix or repair. Whenever you bring your vehicle here you should expect more than what you asked for every single time, that’s the Angel’s Touch difference.

Whenever it comes to Auto Body Near Cape Cod and you are need of collision, detailing, or even restoration you should know that we take time to do what is best for the customer instead of trying to save us money and time. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that whenever you drop off your car at an auto body shop that only the most excellent and extreme care is going into it. Well at Angel’s Touch, anytime you get a free estimate with us we also will give you an idea of what we’re going to do as well as how we are going to go about doing this. This is to ensure to customers that we are only providing the greatest services known in the area.

We are known to take all the stress away whenever it comes to vehicle collisions or any sort of repairs needed to your personal vehicles. This is why whenever we tell you how we are going to go about doing your repairs or services, we also give you a true to life time estimate in order to waste the minimal amount time to you as possible.

Come find out why we are considered the Auto Body Near Cape Cod because of our free estimates that we offer. There is absolutely zero risk whenever it comes to getting our free estimate. We do not require you to pay anything whenever it comes to getting an estimate through us, this is how confident we are in our ability to make you happy as well as provide you with a service that is going to completely blow you away. If we were worried about you finding a better price or better quality, we wouldn’t give free estimates, but that is something that is essential to our business. We even minimize this risk even further because we allow you to do online or through the phone estimates. Yes that’s right you can only expect the best from us because we make it the easiest for you and allow you to give us information or pictures from a remote location therefore making it to where you don’t have to waste your time to bring your vehicle to us unless you are wanting it to be worked on.

Please visit our webiste for further information at or you can give us a phone call at 508-759-1111.