If I as wondering if there was an auto body near me Cape Cod, would also want to know the services that they offered. It really or no matter how close they are they could do it one of them to do. Angel’s Touch is a family-owned and fully operational auto detailing and collision shop. We even offer a towing service as well. We primarily service out to Cape Cod and the surrounding islands and local towns. As far as cars and vehicles where we service?

Angel’s Touch is located in Cape Cod Massachusetts and primarily service that area. What we can move our shop, we can serve the surrounding areas and towns as long as you get your vehicle to us. Although, with our towing service we can go pick up your vehicle and bring it to the shop if you need us to. This is allows us to be much more mobile and help more people in different locations. You can’t bring your car to our shop if it’s already broken down, so we saved the trouble with our towing service. This comes an extra handy for many people so we are happy to offer it.

If I was in a wreck and I had auto body damage, then I would want to know if there is a shop that did auto body near me Cape Cod area. Well, since our collision experts have been in the industry for over 15 years, they know all the skills and have all the tools to do any type of auto body repair that you need. It doesn’t matter how far you are from us, if you get your car here, or even if you want us to come get it for you, we can do your collision repair. We not only seek to meet our customers needs, but we strive to exceed them by far and give you the “wow” factor.

Another service that we offer is is detailing. We have all sorts of decent detailing packages to fit any of your budget and vehicle needs. Our packages start with the basic detail, which is just a hand wash, vacuum, and cleaning the tires and windows. The packages go up to a mini, interior, exterior, and even a complete detail. The complete detail package is for exterior and interior. We remove road residue, brick & clay exterior, hand wash it all, and we clean the interior plastic such as the dash, cupholders, compartments and more. We Shimp your carpets, floors and seats. And if you have a leather interior than we even have a special condition or for that too.

So, if I was wondering if there was an auto body near me Cape Cod area, the would also want to know what services they provide. The good news is, Angel’s Touch is able to provide multiple services including complete auto body were restoration as well as complete detailing. We even offer towing service which means that if you can’t get to us than we can come pick you up and bring your car to the shop. So call us today at 508-759-1111 or find us at capecodautobodyanddetailing.com to see what we can do for you today!

Auto Body Near Me Cape Cod | Some Of The Faqs

Are you wondering: what are some of the frequently asked questions of that auto body near me Cape Cod? Well, then you’ll be happy to know that Angel’s Touch even has a list of those frequently asked questions. Angel’s Touch is a fully operational detailing an auto body collision repair center. We are family-owned and are experts have been in the industry for over 15 years. Since we offer many services, we have a lot of frequently asked questions of us.

One of the most frequent asked questions of us is if you can drop off your vehicle before or after business hours. The answer is yes you can. We have a a small gray lockbox we can drop your keys in and they can only be retrieved by us. Make sure larger vehicle before you do as if it is before after business hours most likely known as there at the shop to get the key back out of the box for you. We have multiple security cameras as well for the security of your vehicle. We understand that people have busy lives and do two different types of schedules can always arrive or leave at a convenient time so we want to make it easy for everyone, which is why we offer this service.

A question you might have is: does an auto body near me Cape Cod offer detailing? The answer is yes. We do all sorts of different details from basic to complete. Another frequently asked questions about this is what exactly do our details entail. We have multiple detail packages. What exactly are detail includes depends on the type of detail you get. We have basic detail, which is simply an wash, backing, and cleaning windows and tires. We also have a complete detail, which is a complete exterior and interior detail. Even if you have a leather interior we have a special condition or to use for that.

Another frequently asked question of us is: what forms of payment do we accept? You’re Angel’s Touch, we’ll accept cash, credit card, debit card, and even check. Although, we are able to accept insurance claims as well. You are responsible for your own deductible of course, using your insurance to pay for the vehicle can sometimes really help out. We understand that sometimes our work, especially a complete auto body restoration, can be somewhat pricey. This mostly goes for parts for which we do not set the costs. So anytime you can use your insurance to help you out, we suggested.

So, are you still wondering what are some of the frequently asked questions of an auto body near me Cape Cod? Here at Angel’s Touch, we offer many different services so the amount of questions we increase with that. We also have a complete list of many of our frequently asked questions on our website. You can check out our list of FAQ, or you can just ask us directly. Call us at 508-759-1111 or contact us online at capecodautobodyanddetailing.com!