If you’re needing collision, detailing, restoration done to your vehicle and come by Angel’s Touch to see why we are a Icar Gold certified auto body and detail company. Whenever you trust us with your vehicle you know that you can always expect a quality and professional job from our esteemed staff. The Angels Touch difference is that we are a local company family owned company that has been serving the Cape Cod and surrounding area outstanding service since 1999. Since we have been in business for over two decades we have been able to give you personalized services that speak volumes whenever it comes to providing the best service for you. We are Cape Cod’s highest rated autobody shop which only further shows our status as an incredible autobody shop able to go above and beyond your expectations whenever it comes to proper autodbody, collision, detailing, and restoration needs.

we are Icar Gold certified which means our staff recieves annual training on proper autobody repairs. This means that we are able to back up our work and promise our customers that only the most qualified workers are able to service your car. These annual training excerizes also will train our staff on the most new ways of doing safe and effective repairs that make us operate and optimal levels. These learning techniques is how we’ve been able to evolve with the times as cars have chanegd a great amount since when we first started back in 1999.

Being apart of the Icar Gold Club means that our services go beyond what is expected out of a average autobody shop and this is because we are no ordinary or average shop. We are able to fully please and surprise all of our customers that poke through us. Our services are high quality as well as offered at affordable prices. It also will accommodate the customer and give them the best service in the area. An example of this is how we give free details whenever they decide to get their car repaired by us.

We understand that everything that comes with dealing with car repairs can be a stressful and un-fun process, which is why Angel’s Touch is here to make the process easier and relieve the stress a great amount. Imagine getting in a car collision having your car towed to Angel’s Touch where they would receive a free estimate for a decent cost as well as told how long the repairs would take. Then whenever you receive your car back after having it fully repaired and looking as good as new he also realized that there has been detailed on the exterior and interior. This for services like this sets Angel’s Touch apart from the rest and further exemplifies why we are Icar Gold club members.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you please visit our website at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com/. Our site is also packed full of useful tools like scheduling your first quote or plenty of informational videos. Please also watch/read our testimonials found on our website. You can also call us at 508-759-1111.

Icar Gold | Caring for Your Car Like One of Our Own

Whenever we say that we are in the Icar Gold club that means that we stand out from all of the other autobody shops with excellent and professional service. This achievement that we are proud of signifies our quality of work because only 15% of auto body and detail shops are able to be rewarded with their title. Whenever you decide to get collision, detailing, restoration work done with Angel’s Touch you can always trust that we are going to get the highest quality and professional work done in the industry. We are proud to have been serving the Cape Cod and surrounding area since 1999 where we consider all of our work to better the community by offering professional services for fair prices.

Not only are we Icar Gold club members, here also Cape Cod’s highest rated autobody shop. You can go to our website at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com/ to read some of our testimonials from happy and satisfied customers that display our quality work in our ability to serve them. They know that having to get car work done is a stressful feeling, but we can leave some of your stress by dealing with some of your bigger problems. Whenever you get collision work done to us we will go to the trouble of contacting your insurance, giving quotes, and even providing rentals. We left surprising customers whenever they get collision work done through us and by the time they are done dropping off the car we have a rental waiting for them. We also stay in touch with your insurance so that if different things change they are aware of what’s going on. There’s nothing worse than having to wait on parts which delays the restoration of the vehicle, but we will inform your insurance that this is the case and make sure that they will still be covering your rental costs. We like to go the extra mile at angles which can be shown through our outstanding customer service.

We are Icar Gold actively training our employees every ceiling year on the proper and most recent ways of doing car repairs. Whenever there are different vehicle models as well as new tools coming out we want to make sure that all of our staff is up-to-date on recent changes able to keep on offering professional quality work done to everyone’s vehicles. Want to make sure that we alleviate customer stress and make the hardest part of the process having to drive the vehicle to us.

We make it easy, just contact us for your free estimate to see how much she’ll be having to pay for the cost of nothing. That’s the Angel’s Touch difference, is that we would rather give our customers quality work for a fair cost rather than try to take advantage of them and charge for estimates. You know that you are in safe hands and you can trust remember you are getting work done with Angel’s Touch.

If you’d like to learn more please go to our website at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com/ or give us a call at 508-759-1111.