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Is a cool concept, we are the team that really care about constant improvement. In order to receive the standard as cargo, you have to pursue ongoing training each and every figure. This means that the vehicle can be handled with us. We go over all the new latest technologies, and we are constantly learning about how to improve our services as well. So if you want to come to place has tons of great results, then you should talk to you today. In fact to Kate kit committee is not to be to say that we are in the minority with the certification. Only 50% of collision repair businesses have this, and we are positive to say that feeling.

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Looking To Find A Worthy Icar Gold?

There’s only one place for you to find a credible collision repair services in the Cape Cod area with a Icar Gold server case. That is capable, and we to be able to show you exactly was like to work with them that has all of the best experiences around.. We are able to see the technician, because it means that we are close in the community means that we are always indicated our technicians are the highest quality training and have the best want to know that we have the best procedures and the best techniques to make sure that your kid is getting the best love and attention a meticulous care, and you can trust that we had exactly.

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We is what you and that when you come to our Icar Gold subcommittee will become to the team is constantly approving the cells. In order to receive the certification only 50% of collision repair businesses have, you have to go undergo ongoing training every single year. This allows us to keep up with the technologies of the industry for new cars.

If you have a new car, you will definitely need to find a team that is the service, because you can definitely does is to be up-to-date. To bring in your teslas, bringing the other begins, bring in your 20/20 makes and models, because we’re going to be able to help you out. Just give us a call at 508- 759-1111 for a quote, or visit capecodautobodyanddetailing.com to schedule your meeting for a quote today.