Angel’s Touch is like Icar Gold status, but how did we get here? Angel’s Touch is a fully operational and family-owned full-body restoration and detail center. We even offer paint jobs as well as a towing service, but we didn’t start out being great. We were founded by our owner for the sole purpose of providing solutions for customers needs and wants. So how do we do that?

One of the ways we continue the purpose for which are owner founded us is the services that we offer. We offer many of services such as complete auto body repair, detailing, painting, and we even offer a towing service. It doesn’t matter if you simply scraped your bumper on the curb or you had an all-out collision. Any type of auto body repair, we can do it. It is no matter how great or small the repair. Even offer many detail packages that range from basic to complete. We are very proud of our towing service, as it is super convenient for many of our customers.

We started off small just like everybody else, but now we are Icar Gold status. This is a recognition that shows we are properly trained in all the techniques and procedures of complete and safe repair of your vehicle. Only 15% of all collision repair businesses achieve the status. So what does this mean? This means that while many auto body restoration centers me know what you’re doing, they are not fully and properly trained in all the methods and techniques that we are. We believe require our technicians to do this ongoing training every year sets us apart because it shows you, our customers, but not only do we know were doing, but we care about what were doing.

Another one of the ways that we continue the purpose for which we were founded is that were unmatched customer service. Our business solely exists for the needs and wants of our customers. Your vehicle is our priority. This is why pay super close attention to detail and everything that we do. We care about the details because we want you to know that we care about getting the best quality work possible. We value your time in business, so we will never waste it. This is also why we are very prompt in our communication with you. In fact, many of our customers have told us personally that we have made your car look better than it did the day they bought it. We want to make your car look it’s best.

Angel’s Touch was founded by owner for many reasons. Summed up, the reason is to bring the highest quality solutions to all of our customers needs and wants. We do this through the services that we offer and the amount of quality that we put into every single one of them. This is why be are and continue to be Icar Gold class. So call us today at 508-759-1111 for check us out online at and see the quality we can bring for yourself!

Icar Gold | Why Should You Call Our Team For Help?

Are you wondering why you would call an auto body repair shop that is Icar Gold class? Well, let me tell you. Angel’s Touch is a fully operational, as well as family-owned, full-body auto collision repair and detailing center. Our experts have been in the detailing industry for over 15 years. We specialize in paint jobs as well as offer a towing service. We do all of this for the convenience of our customers.

One of the main reasons someone would call us is because of all the services that we can offer you. One of our most prominent services that we offer is complete auto body repair. Here at Angel’s Touch, we are, and remain, in Icar Gold class because we care about our customers. This accolade shows that our technicians are trained in all the proper techniques and procedures for the complete and see for repair of your vehicle. We believe that having our technicians take this ongoing training every year just a customers that we not only know that were doing, but we care about what were doing. Only 15% of all repair businesses achieve this class.

Another reason we should call us is because verse superb attention to detail. Our experts start off the detailing industry over 15 years ago, so not only do they know to look for, but they also note the doing. Here at Angel’s Touch we believe every detail matters. We care about details because we want you to have the best job possible and we want your vehicle to look it’s best for you. When it looks is best, not only does it bring a smile to your face from the exterior but the interior as well. In fact, we got started in the industry because we saw huge lack of care and quality coming from most auto body repair centers.

The most important reasons we should call us is because our outstanding customer service. Customer service is the core value of our business. Angel’s Touch solely exists for the purpose of bringing service and solutions to our customers. This is why you’re we are extremely prompt in our communication with you and we always work as quickly as we can on your vehicle without compromising the quality of the work. We believe the showing great attention to detail also shows that we care about your vehicle as well as serving you. Your time in business is valuable to us, so we will never waste it.

So if you’re wondering why should call us as one of the auto body repair centers with Icar Gold class, the now you know. Not only do we claim to great services, superb attention to detail as well as outstanding customer service, but we also show it by continuously striving to not only meet our customers needs but far exceed their expectations. But we do want you to take our word for it, call us today at 508-759-1111 or find us online at to see for yourself!