Icar Gold means that we are the among the best in the industry and dedicated to providing professional collision work. There’s nothing worse then to recieve low quality work to your car. We are aware that your vehicle is an important part of your life, as well as your safety. Angel’s Touch being a Icar Gold member means that they will only provide professional work that is guaranteed your safety. Whenever it comes to your safety, you should trust the experts, we should trust us because we are certified professionals.

Icar Gold also means that we go above and beyond to offer incredible services such as auto body/ collision, exterior detailing, interior detailing, ceramic coating, full restorations, and many more. When we talk about trying to surprise our customers with excellence service this is shown through our complementary car detail whenver you get your collision repairs done through us. We treat your vehicle as if it is one of our own and give you a thourough detail. Imagine having to get collision repair done on your vehicle, you probably wouldn’t be very happy about the situation. Then you bring into Angel’s Touch where you would receive excellent customer service dedicated to helping you. Then we receive your vehicle back not only are you amazed at the wonderful job that our staff is done, you also are surprised with our complementary detail that was included with your collision repair. It is moments like these that set us apart from the rest.

If you would like to receive outstanding Icar Gold level quality whenever it comes to your restoration then Angel’s Touch is the correct and obvious choice for you. If you are wanting to restore an old classic car you are goin to want to trust the professionals with you extraordinary project. We have been known not only for our repairs, but also our excellent restoration work that we have been able to preform on all cars of differnt conditions. Whether your car is in good or horrible condition we assure you that our team can restore it and make it look as good as whenever it first came out.

We are known for our multitude of services ranging from auto body/collision repairs, exterior detailing, interior detailing, ceramic coating, and full restorations. If you are getting detailing down with our service and you’ll be pleased to know that we provide excellent interior as well as exterior services. Whenever it comes to we do for your exterior we will remove road residue from exterior such as mud and clay and then proceed to give you a hand washing the vehicle. We are aware that many auto body shops do not offer handwashing instead will take it through a car wash, but we believe in doing it the right way instead of the fast way.

Please visit our website so you can learn more information about how we can help you at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com/. You can also give us a call at 508-759-1111.

Icar Gold | 20 Years of Proud Experience

We are proud to be a part of the Icar Gold club because it is a high achievement that shows professionalism and dedication in our work. We are a gold class collision repair business which means all of our technicians have been specially trained and certified in providing the most quality work. What this means is they are knowledgeable about proper techniques for dealing with the various car repairs that they may come across. Not only does this signify our level of experience, this also shows the training that goes into keeping our staff constantly learning and refreshing information on annual level. Among all this we are also in the top 15% of auto body shops that have been able to receive this great achievement.

We are the obvious choice whenever it comes to repairs for your car and this can be shown through our Icar Gold certifications and also through our plentiful of satisfied customers. If you go to our website we openly display the reviews that people have left us because we are proud of what people have had to say about our quality of work. Is for these reasons we have been rated Cape Cod’s highest and most reviewed auto body garage. We make sure that bring us your car you can always trust the Angels touch crew. Whenever it comes to getting your car repaired to give the most stress-free environment by helping you with all the small stuff so that way you can focus on big picture things. Come check out live selling people recommend us to get the best car service you’ve ever received.

This Icar Gold achievement means that we are up to date with some of the most proper tools and technologies whenever it comes to car repair as well as car protection. One of our services we offer ceramic coating which is exterior coating that protects your car as well as makes it shiny. This coating protects from various things such as rocks or scratches, and even make your car look cleaner than it is with this shyness effect. They also offer a clear bra coating because it is inevitable that outside elements like Santa rocks will cause damage to your new car but with the claim brought protection helps to protect it and you don’t even need to see it. Helps keep it more durable as well as it is maintenance free. This protective coating even has special technology is used to create it which makes it self heal makes scratches go away. This will also make the clarity of your paint last longer, minimizes yellowing, as well as makes your car more scratch resistant. When it comes to services like this we offer them because we feel as though they are helpful to the consumer. We only offer them something like this if we felt as though very effective.

To read some more testimonials as well as examples of our excellent service please go to our website at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com/. If you would like to speak with a representative then please call our phone number which is 508-759-1111.