We are the highest rated Auto Body Cape Cod because of our excellent services that we are able to provide to every one of our customers that walk through the door. There is nothing worse then having to give your vehicle over to an autobody shop that does not do everything in its power to give the greatest service known. Angel’s Touch is surely to impress you and prove to you that we are going to exceed your expectations and make you choose us whenever it comes to any form of autobody repairs, detailing or even with restoration. We make sure that all of your assests are being worked on by the most trusted and highly qualified team around.

Auto Body Cape Cod is very proud to be apart of the Gold Class I-Car Certification. The Gold Class is an achievement only seen amongst the small 15% of collision repair businesses which sets us apart and proves our quality guaranteed. Research shows that two thirds of people are able to find a repair shop through word of mouth and speaking with different friends and family. However, this is a dangerous way of doing things because this can lead you and your friends to get stuck at shops that are poor in quality or high in price. Angel’s Touch is not only high in quality but is also fair and affordable in price. Our Gold class achievement makes it to where all of our technicians no matter their high level of experience must be involved in various collision repair training courses that goes on every single year. These training courses are not only to refresh different skills or practices, but is also to teach them new technologies and techniques that can be applied to get a more professional touch.

When it comes to trusting professionals when looking for Auto Body Cape Cod, you need to trust our certified staff. There’s nothing worse than taking your vehicle to an autobody shop that charges you for low quality work and then returned your car after fixing a problem only for you to figure out a short time afterwards that the problem was not fixed and you are still having trouble. Then you go back to the autobody shop and they tell you something along the lines of we fixed it and you cannot get your money back. This is a horrible customer service example and it is something that is more common to find an many shops around the country then we would like to be believed true. This sort of customer service is something that you will not find at angles because of our certified staff as well as high quality of service you can find throughout all of our business. Angel’s Touch is known to serve you and fix every problem that you are wanting to be fixed on your vehicle. We also will inform you of problems that you may have not known about in order to further prove our dedication to you.

If you choose us to do any car work for you then you will surely not ever regret it. You can visit our website to learn more information about how we have changed people’s life with our remarkable services on our website at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com, or give us a call at 208-759-1111.

Auto Body Cape Cod | Services That Will Drop Your Jaw

We are well known for our Auto Body Cape Cod services that have left customers astonished by our level of detail found in all of our works. If you drop off your car with us then you can sleep well at night knowning it is in the best hands around. At Angel’s Touch all of our reoccurring customers know they can fully trust us with taking care of any problems or improvements that they may have. We offer so many different services that we often have to remind customers about all the different things that we can provide to them. Whenever it comes to autobody/collision repairs we give a,complementary detail to your vehicle. This is what we mean by going above and beyond to surprise you with our level of excellence. This means that if you get into a car wreck and are all upset about the whole process will make it easy as well as even make it up to you by fully detailing a car. How nice would it be to turn your vehicle and us and get it back in a mint condition with the inside and outside fully repaired as well as detailed. It is for these reasons that Angel’s Touch is different from the rest and only gives quality professional work.

We are the highest rated Auto Body Cape Cod with over 230 Google reviews from happy customers we are proud to serve the new England area. The reason why we pay such great attention to satisfying each and every one of our customers because we are a local and family-owned business that treats our surrounding area and customers as our close community. This means that instead of seeing everyone is an individual, we see them all as a part of our great community in which we want to improve. We’ve had excellent results for the last 20 years of our business which makes people want to come back more and more.

Some of the services we offer for Auto Body Cape Cod is autobody/collision repairs, detailing, ceramic coating, as well as full restoration to old classic vehicles. No matter the shape or size of your project you can always trust Angel’s Touch to get it done with the professionals that are part of our team. We will go above and beyond to get your approval as well as impress you. Whenever you getting a detail through us will only spend around 4 to 5 hours in her car which is a fast turnaround time for a service of this kind. Now you may be thinking that this fast turnaround time may sacrifice some the quality of the work, but that is just not true whatsoever. Every single job that we do is to the highest quality as well as in a affordable and timely manner. Whenever a project is being close to complete you even give you a heads up in order to work best on your schedule.

They also inform our customers of some the latest and greatest technology to protect your car. This is not to get an extra buck outta you, it is instead to help you as far as we can with providing the most excellent service that is helpful to you. If you like to learn more about how we can repair or further improve your car and what we offer please visit our website at https://capecodautobodyanddetailing.com/ or give us a call at 508-759-1111.