Dealership Services

Established in 1999, Angels Touch has been a leader in quality, training and department efficiency for auto dealerships throughout New England for over 20 years. We know all the hassles of managing the detail department in your dealership. Between hiring and firing, finding the right team, quality control and training. It’s a headache. That is why we have simplified and created dealership friendly systems, training, and procedures to ensure the upmost quality and efficiency. We take detailing very seriously, to us it is not just about a clean car, it’s an art.

  • Professional Quality
  • Production
  • Leadership
  • Dependability
  • Communication
  • New Vehicle Prep


All vehicles will be handled through Angel’s Touch from tagging, pictures and new car deliveries.

Pre-owned Vehicles

All trade in and purchased vehicles will be detailed and maintained daily or as needed. Scratch removal, paint touch up, interior and exterior detailing, odor treatment, carpet dying, shampooing, engine compartment cleaning and more.

Service department Detailing

  • Complete Interior/Exterior Detailing
  • Ceramic coating
  • Sealant
  • Service Washes

Weekly Lot Vehicle Cleans

We provide weekly lot washes for display areas as needed weather and season permitted.

Showroom Vehicles

All showroom vehicles are maintained and wiped down daily before the start of the day to ensure you make a great impression with your customers from the moment, they walk onto the showroom floor.

Trained Professionals/Trained Onsite managers

We don’t just teach our personnel to clean cars. We teach the art of detailing. All shops have trained on site managers and staff to handle all of your dealerships needs professionally and with the right attitude and execution.

CSI Customer satisfaction Programs

To ensure the upmost professionalism and quality we offer our staff at each dealership a CSI bonus program. Whenever we as a team in your recon department can keep our end of the CSI at 100% we give all our staff at that shop a bonus as an extra incentive to continue to always deliver great service to our dealers.



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